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Our Mission

Patients all over the world contact us and take our help so that we can transform them into a healthy being and they can gain strength from our surgical & medical care. This includes Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Cardiology Consultant, Neurology Consultancy Services, Pulmonary, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and Orthopedic Treatments. Our partnership with doctors & hospitals and collaboration with local and international Patient Service Managers (PSM) is helpful in consulting the right hospital, doctor and treatment based on the patient condition. The Patient Service Managers directly deal with patients and their family and friends.

The Indian Choice

India provides best medical facilities in comparison to the western countries because we have well-equipped hospitals & medical centers with experienced doctors. With the best infrastructure, medical facilities and competitive rates, one can get world class treatments in India at minimal charges. Traditional medical science of Ayurveda or Naturopathy also make India famous and more demanding than the other nations. People all over the world can get required beneficiaries in India both in terms of modern as well as holistic treatment options which are the best remedy for chronic illnesses.

Any of the patients who will come to India for medical treatments, our company will show them famous Indian tourist places but only after the advise of doctors. The patients have the choice to opt for Ayurvedic- Naturopathy treatment, they can even select Rejuvenation Center as per their choice and budget. All these things, saves a lot of money of the patients at the same time they get the opportunity to discover different cultures and traditions of India. My Health Tour, guarantees to provide patients with the best medical treatments as well as travelling facilities in India.

Benefits of Opting India for Medical Treatment

India is a perfect destination for medical care, that too at quality of care and price you demand. People from foreign lands can visit the country to get treated and go home feeling better and healthier. The benefits of opting India for medical treatment are many, some of them include:

Primary Competitive Advantages

Individual who are new in the nation like India, it is difficult and complex process to find right hospital, right healthcare specialist and effective medical treatments. Safety is one of the important concerns of the patients. Anxiety often takes over when you have to make arrangements for travel, accommodations, doctors and after care in a foreign land. Taking help of My Health Tour can be beneficial for people, as we make their travel, stay and health care convenient. We can suggest hospital and doctor for the treatment in the field of Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Pulmonary, Pediatrics, etc.

How We Can Help?

After receiving customer's request, we will help them in finding the best hospital with countless options and that too in their budget at Kurukshetra and other major cities in India. Our tailor-made services prove to be beneficial for the people seeking medical treatment in India. Our professionals find the most feasible and best option for them. Based on the suggestions, they can select whatever they find most suitable and accordingly our professionals will guide them the best possible extent.